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Sushi Mami

Japanese Kitchen

111 Portland Street

M1 6DN

0161 228 3388

A La Carte Menu (all day)

Are you looking for a healthy yet tasty lunch nearby Manchester city centre? Come visit us at Sushi Mami Japanese Kitchen Manchester. We serve pokébowls, bento boxes, and A la Carte menu.

Iconic All You Can Eat Sushi Menu (all day)

Sushi Mami combines a modern and elegant interior with traditional elements. Each evening, we prepare fresh sushi, sashimi, crispy tempura dishes, tappenyaki and homemade desserts for our guests. Choose the Japanese all you can eat menu to try out all the different flavours of a modern Japanese cuisine.

ALL DAY MONDAY – THURSDAY 12pm – 10:30pm £34.99
FRIDAY – SATURDAY 12pm – 11:00pm £36.99
SUNDAY 12pm – 10:30pm £34.99

Are you in the mood for Japanese food?

We believe that a good mood comes with good food. We love modern Japanese food, and want to share our passion with as many people as possible. Therefore, we choose to make good Japanese food affordable. Our mission is simple. We want to spoil all sushi lovers with high quality sushi, sashimi, crispy tempura and sizzling grill dishes in a relaxing atmosphere.


All you can eat sushi concept

At Sushi Mami Japanese Kitchen, we serve the all you can eat menu. Explore all the different flavors for simply one fixed price. Effortless chic and affordable, order from our smart tablet and we serve you the fresh food in no time.


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Did you know that a third of all food produced worldwide is wasted? This food ends up in our landfills and accounts for up to 10% of man-made greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. One of the biggest industries contributing to the food waste epidemic is restaurants.

Restaurants in the UK produce 199,100 tonnes of food waste every year, costing the food industry a whooping £682 million annually. In fact, the equivalent of 320 million meals is thrown away every year by restaurants in the UK, five times the population of the UK!

Not only is food waste causing irreparable damage to the environment, but it is also impacting profits in the restaurant industry and costing restaurant owners a small fortune.

With the all you can eat concept, you may order as many dishes as you like. You may order to your satisfaction, but please do not over-order. In order to limit food waste, we will charge additional costs for the waste items.

£1 per waste item


Sushi Mami’s Restaurant


Our food is daily replenished for the best quality meat and vegetables. All products are carefully selected and prepared according to traditional methods.


Our innovative tablet system brings your order to the right chef within seconds.


For a fixed price, you may enjoy unlimitedly from daily fresh sushi, crispy tempura, and sizzling grill dishes.For a fixed price, you may enjoy unlimitedly from daily fresh sushi, crispy tempura, and sizzling grill dishes.